About us

The Sable story

Like many new immigrants to America, we began our story with a dream for a better future. Without U.S. bank accounts, we discovered countless barriers: difficulty receiving our salaries, no access to post-paid cell phone plans, and high security deposits for our apartments. We couldn’t even subscribe to Netflix in the US without a US credit card.

As internationals, we had to walk to our local banks to get full service bank accounts. Then, show a million documents. Wait for our cards to get posted. Start our credit histories from scratch...this is not how it should be in the 21st century.

Banking is at the center of our everyday lives, and Sable wants to be right there with you. Whether you are applying for your first credit card in the U.S., saving for a dream holiday, or paying down the mortgage on your house, we’ll make it easy for you.

Meet the founders


Worked as a management consultant for banks. The most annoyed on the team that he is heavily underserved by American banks.

Andrej Paule

Joseph built digital teams for some of the worlds largest banks. Then he made a Fitbit for dogs. He loves food from weird places.

Joseph Finlayson

Naveen worked for banks in Canada where she pioneered the usage of public cloud in the financial industry. She has a passion for cars and driving.

Naveen Quereshi

Towers worked for American Express, to learn everything he can for making Sable a success. He is the only American on our team!

Towers Wilen