How to use TransferWise to send money to Sable

Why do we have this article?

Our customers love TransferWise, in fact more than 60% of our incoming foreign transfers go through this UK based fintech. No wonder, international transfers can be quite expensive and Transferwise provides a very popular workaround to the hassles of cross-border money flows.

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Social Security Number – What is it and who needs one?

Usually at birth, U.S. citizens are assigned a nine-digit number, called a Social Security Number (SSN), that keeps track of their contributions and benefits for the Social Security program. This program is offered by the U.S. government to provide a small amount of financial support to people who aren’t working due to disability or retirement. The Social Security program was established during the 1930s, but over time, SSNs have come to serve as a general personal identification number for people in the U.S., used for many other government and private purposes—from taxation to employment to finances and more, although they are not required for others—such as enrolling children in school or obtaining a driver’s license.

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Post-moving Checklist

Google “moving checklist,” and you’re likely to find hundreds of guides that cover every task necessary to successfully move out of your home. But what about after you’ve made the trip and are faced with settling in, especially when your new home is in a new country? Particularly for new immigrants to the U.S., the process of moving doesn’t stop when the last bag or box is carried in—moving is, after all, about much more than simply bringing “stuff” from one place to another.

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Your Credit Score: Great Power and Great Responsibility

Having a credit card can be a significant convenience for consumers, as well as a smart financial choice. Credit cards act as a loan, allowing you to make purchases that you can choose to pay for over time (along with an interest charge). Many credit cards in the U.S. offer perks and benefits, such as: “cash back,” a return of a percentage of your charges; store discounts or free shipping; or “points” you can use for travel expenses like hotel stays and airline tickets. But is there an advantage of having a credit card besides convenient purchasing power?

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Your First U.S. Job: Prepare for Success

Starting a new job can be equal parts exciting and intimidating; starting a new job in a new country is even more so. However, with a bit of research and preparation, an attitude of enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn, it will be easy to make a positive first impression—not just on your supervisor, but also on coworkers and clients. By focusing in the beginning on the important details of your new professional endeavor—whether those details involve the informal culture of your work place, or administrative tasks like completing legal and financial documents necessary for employment—you can move quickly to mastering the essential tasks of your new job.

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