Credit Limit & Credit History

Will I be able to build my U.S. credit history with Sable’s card?

Yes - it is one of the great advantages of using a Sable product. We will start reporting your credit history three months after you start using your card, and will retroactively report your credit history, beginning from the first time you make a payment using your Sable account.

Will you run a soft or hard check of my U.S. credit history?

We won’t run either.. Our products are geared towards internationals who are new to the U.S. We understand that you will not have substantial credit history when you first arrive in the U.S.. Sable does not check your U.S. credit history.

Can I build my credit history without a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?

We will report your credit history based on your name and date of birth. Once you receive your SSN/ITIN, your past credit history will be connected to it. Future employers, landlords, and financial institutions will be able to search your entire credit history with your new SSN/ITIN.