How can I top-up my account from the United States?

If you are sending money from the United States you can send a direct deposit or a wire transfer.

Direct deposit (also called ACH) is usually free but slower. Wire transfers typically process within a day, but may cost more. Check with your bank to get the exact processing time and cost.

To issue a Direct deposit or wire transfer, go to your bank or online banking and provide the following information:

Your Sable Account Information
Routing number: e.g. 084106768
Account number: e.g. 1234567890

(check your own account and routing number in the App)

You might also need the following details to make the transfer:

Payee Name: Your Name
Bank address: 6070 Poplar Ave #100
Memphis, TN 38119
Bank phone: 866-395-2754

Your bank might also ask for recipient address - this is your own address in the United States. It is important to provide the same address as you did when you signed up for your Sable Account.